Max It

The Max It crew are a family business based up in South Head (aka paradise) which is about an hour out of Auckland.  We work with the full spectrum of clients, and being small we can be adaptable and get things done quickly.  

How we work together

We work interactively with you to determine what you need.  Loosely the steps look a bit like this:

  1. Sit down over a coffee (we like coffee) or talk over the wire with you to determine what it is you are needing
  2. We'll provide something visual to illustrate we understand what you need
  3. Give you an idea of options and costs
  4. Get it done
  5. Provide ongoing support 

Steve Knowles

Steve has a background in Project Management delivery multi million dollar projects for Telecom.  He embraced the web in 1999 launching the first incarnation of, before people really figured out what the point was of having a website.  Since then he's taken thousands of photographs and video..

Jen Knowles

Jen has a background in business and process analysis working with corporates such as Telecom, EDS and Woosh.  She has the ability to translate clients requirements into a solution, whether it be a business application or website.

Extended Team 

We have a team of people we work with frequently when our skills are not enough.